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Which ONUS center would you prefer? *

For the year 2014-15, we have 2 nodal centers for ONUS where majority of the meetings and sessions would take place.
ADVICE: Choose the center nearest to your college.

How did you come to know about Youth Alliance's ONUS? *

We would like to know what attracted you to ONUS? *

{{answer_794590}} , use this space to also share your reasons to join ONUS and your expectations from the program.
{{answer_794590}} , what is that one thing that gives you wings and makes you fly? *

Share with us, what are you most passionate about?
If given a chance without any constraints, what will you change to make the world a better place? Why? *

Let us know which social issue bothers you the most? How do you wish to change it?
What gifts (Values/Skills/Experience) do you bring into the group of ONUS? *

Tell us why should we select you? What value will you add if selected for ONUS?
Describe the toughest situation you ever came across. How did you overcome it? *

You can talk about any situation in your personal/college/professional life.
Do you need scholarship for the program? *

If yes, why do you need scholarship?

As you would have understood {{answer_794590}} , ONUS is a one year learning program and we want you to invest in your learning. Scholarships are based on affordability and we offer them to only those who need it; hence tell us why do you need scholarship? Also, talk about your family's financial condition.
To let us know you more, share with us your facebook profile link: *

References: Please share with us details of one person who can tell us more about you.

Preferably your professor or a supervisor. If not, a senior with whom you have worked in some capacity. Please inform them about our program before you submit the form.
Name & Designation of your referee. *

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